Real Wood or Wood Effect Worktops: A Comparative Guide
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A fundamental part of a kitchen makeover is deciding which worktop to go for. You know that phrase, ‘it just completes the room’? That phrase tends to apply if you get the worktops right. The thing is, the worktops take up so much space in the room, they are usually what the eye is immediately drawn to, which means they can have a real impact.

Choosing the right kitchen worktop, to suit both your style, while seamlessly blending in with the rest of your interior, can be exactly what you need to create that desired look.

Real wood and wood effect worktops are both hugely popular choices and deciding which one to go for is a common predicament many people find themselves in. To help, the team at The Kitchen Revival have compared both, so you can choose which one will work for you and your kitchen.


Real wood worktops are exactly that, real wood. They’re made from solid wood staves that are bonded together, displaying the natural timber features that so many crave. Real wood worktops bring with them a much-desired rustic beauty, adding character and warmth to your kitchen. They provide the perfect solution to both traditional and contemporary looking kitchens, especially if you’re trying to soften the look of the room. Of course, since no two pieces of wood are the same, if you go with a real wood surface, then you’re guaranteed to have a look that is totally unique to your kitchen.

It’s worth noting that as the wood matures and time goes on, it will change and become richer in colour, although some might suggest it becomes more beautiful with age.

In essence, wood effect worktops provide an artificial but realistic looking alternative. Rather than solid wood, wood effect worktops are created using a decorate overlayer constructed from composite wooden particle board. Wood effect worktops come in a huge range of styles, which means the customer can choose exactly what shade and style they are after, to match the rest of their kitchen. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on budget and how realistic the customer wants their surface to look. In fact, thanks to developments in technology, you can now buy wood effect worktops that pretty much resemble the real thing.

Omega Wooden Effect Worktop


It probably comes as no surprise that wood effect worktops are the more budget-friendly option. Due to them being solid wood, real wood worktops do cost a little more. However, many argue that the price is worth it due to the beauty of the natural wood surfaces.


If you’re looking for a quick solution, you’ll probably find yourself leaning towards wood effect. Ultimately, they’re simple and easy to fit.

However, if time restrictions aren’t necessarily a concern, then consider real wood worktops. As they are a natural product, they will need to be installed using brackets, to secure them in position and prevent them from splitting as they expand.


Due to real wood worktops being solid, they can provide a lifelong addition to your kitchen, if well maintained. However, maintaining its natural beauty takes a little bit more looking after. To promise years of usage, real wood worktops should be regularly oiled every three to six months to help maintain their high-quality condition.

Both wood effect and real wood worktops are easy to clean, making them both a popular choice for busy households. However, customers should be aware that whether you choose real wood or wood effect, either option is vulnerable when it comes to heat and can be often be easily damaged if hot pots and pans are left on them. There are a range of stylish trivets on the market that will help preserve your worktops.

If you’re considering a kitchen makeover, or want to give your worktops a refresh, then contact The Kitchen Revival. Our team of experts can help you transform your kitchen, giving it a modern makeover, with minimum fuss and outstanding results. Get in touch and find out how we can make your dream kitchen a reality.