Handles or Handleless Kitchens: The Pros and Cons
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When it comes to designing your kitchen, even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference and the decision to include handles within your design or not is no exception. The addition of handles can play a crucial role in the design of your kitchen, while immediately changing the look and feel of the room.

Up until recently, having handles or not wasn’t a consideration, however, over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in handleless doors and cupboards, especially for those wanting to achieve a more contemporary look. Whichever you decide to go for, there are pros and cons to both. Our team of experts at The Kitchen Revival have explored potential options for you, to help you decide which style will suit you and your home best.



Let’s be honest, nothing screams modern-day and contemporary living more than handleless doors. They provide a smooth and sleek finish that so many modern-day buyers desire, with some even arguing that handleless kitchens feel instantly more clean, tidy, and less cluttered.

Although handled doors are often seen as the more traditional option, we would encourage even the most modern-day shoppers to not be in a hurry to discard them. While handled doors can easily blend into the design of your kitchen, they can also add an extra level of depth and character to your kitchen, while helping to make the room personalised and bespoke to you. Plus, if you don’t want to settle for one specific style, you can use handles to mix it up. Have you considered trying metal handles on wooden doors, or playing around with colours? With some imagination, handled doors can add an element of contrast and character to your kitchen, the design opportunities are endless.

Handleless Kitchen


When it comes to practicality, it comes as no surprise that handled doors get a massive tick. Simply put, handles are there to help users open things easily, which for some people, is a big enough reason alone to have them.

Of course, there’s no denying that touch doors provide a degree of practicality too. Gone are the days of always having to use a handle, with a simple touch of the hand, the door or drawer opens.

There are several reasons why users might find it easier to open handled or handleless doors. It’s important to consider any current health conditions that might influence a person’s decision to which they go for.



You might think only handled doors require cleaning but think again. If you’re considering handleless doors, then you need to remember that they might be designed with a lip at the top, which is how they are opened. With this in mind, remember they can easily gather dust, dirt, and crumbs, which might require extra cleaning in difficult to reach areas.

Of course, for the ultimate easy maintenance option, touch open units come out on top. With no handle or lip to trap dirt and dust in, a quick and simple wipe down is all it takes to keep on top of cleaning touch units.


Cost and Replaceability

Handleless doors tend to be slightly more expensive than handled doors but homeowners might find the cost balances itself out because they’re not having to buy individual handles and any necessary replacements.

Despite this, replacing a door handle can be as easy and budget-friendly, especially if you’ve chosen a common style. Whereas, if you damage the lip of your handleless door, you might find it’s slightly more expensive to fix, as you will probably have to replace the entire door.

With so much to consider, it’s best to call in the experts. If you’re contemplating a kitchen makeover or want some advice on whether to go with handles or handleless, then contact The Kitchen Revival. Our team of experts can help you transform your kitchen, giving it a total makeover, without the fuss. Get in touch and find out how we can help you create your dream kitchen.