Chrome, Antique Brass or Nickel: How to choose the right kitchen finish
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When you’re planning on giving your kitchen a facelift, then making those smaller decisions can often be seen as less important and sink to the bottom of your priority list. The thing is though, all of these minor elements can actually have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen and choosing what metal finish to go for is no exception.

It really is important to take time in deciding what finish to go for and if, in fact, you decide to go for just the one, or mix things up and throw two or three metals into your final design. As specialists in the industry, the team at The Kitchen Revival are here to make decisions just like this as simple and easy as possible. So, what does each kitchen finish have to offer?


Chrome finish is commonly described as having a shiny mirror finish. It is traditionally a favourite choice, due to its ability to fit in with almost any design while being easy to match with other accessories and fixtures. However, its popularity means it isn’t always the top choice for those looking for a more quirky and unique design.

Often plated onto another metal to provide extra hardness, chrome is both a durable option and erosion resistant. However, while its mirrored finish creates ultimate shine and reflection, it is prone to showing up fingerprints, so if you’re choosing chrome, be prepared to keep on top of regular polishing.

It’s worth noting that chrome can be prone to peeling or flaking if homeowners choose low-quality products.

Kitchen with Chrome Finish

Antique Brass

Choosing brass is becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially for those seeking a more vintage-style look.

The idea when it comes to antique brass is that it appears aged and worn, thanks to its rich, golden-brown undertones. Its antique look hides the fingerprints well, so won’t require anywhere near as much polishing as other finishes.

Some argue that an antique brass finish is best suited to a more historic, characteristic property but to be honest, it can make a real statement while providing that classic twist in a modern property.

Finding matching accessories might not be as easy when it comes to antique brass but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for those wanting that sought-after eye-catching, unique final look that comes with this finish.

Antique Brass Kitchen Finish


Like chrome, nickel is plated onto another metal. However, it is a highly versatile option, available in a number of finishes, including polished, satin or aged.

However, nickel feels a little more warm and yellow, rather than the cool blue tones that come with chrome. While it is resistant to erosion, it has the potential to tarnish over time. Nickel needs to be well looked after, with regular cleaning advised, to help prevent any discolouration long term. Ultimately, if you care for nickel well, then is sure to keep its beautiful appearance in return.

Nickel Kitchen Finish

With clear benefits to each of these finishes and with plenty of other options to choose from, it’s always best to speak to the experts if you’re considering giving your kitchen a makeover. And why stop with one finish? Create that truly bespoke design by mixing multiple metal styles. The opportunities are endless. Speak to the team at The Kitchen Revival and let our team of professionals help you transform your kitchen, giving it a modern makeover, with minimum fuss and outstanding results. Get in touch and find out how we can help make your kitchen dreams a reality.